Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Projects

I'm pretty much going to be a huge busy beaver this semester.  I am starting student teaching and will be working with fourth and fifth graders. Yay!

I know that a lot of these projects will be pushed to side most likely from exhaustion and work but hey- I'm about goal setting and seeing as how its the first of the month I will share my goals.  These goals are more like a goals of the semester instead of just September.

First- My creative side has been OBSESSED with vintage fashion right now.  When I was home in July my mom and I sewed a dress from a vintage 60's pattern.  It was fun and I was able to learn a lot from my mom about sewing garments (this was my first one!)  So I found this really lovely shop on ebay that has the most reasonable prices on vintage patterns I've found after scouring the internet.  I bought three patterns and they even reduced the shipping amount so that all three shipped for the price of one! I think they were all about 2.50 a piece and the shipping 1.50. Bargain!! These are the three dresses I'm going to attempt and will share with you the journey-
Dress One-

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