Monday, August 30, 2010

Major Trip 2010- Las Vegas

So after I went to Oregon to spend time with family I went down to CA and the next day drove to Las Vegas with a college friend for a crazy weekend.

We stayed at Luxor which was fine for the price but not very convenient. For the same price range I would recommend the Flamingo logistics wise.

Here is the real deal of the century in Vegas... most people know about the famous Vegas buffets.  I had never tried one before and my boyfriend told me about this GREAT deal.  It is a 24 hour pass to Vegas buffets to use at a provided list of casinos.  The list includes some big players like Paris, Planet Hollywood and Rio.  Paris. Was. Amazing. stufffffed.  These buffets typically run about 25 bucks a pop.  We bought ours when we got there and had a late dinner at Planet Hollywood.  Great selection and quality food. B+  The next morning we had brunch at the Flamingo.  The food was maybe... a B-? not gross but not great... much smaller selection and very dry meat They did give us bottomless mimosas and mini bottles of sky vodka and they had cotton candy.   I had a mid afternoon prime rib snack at Caesars Palace.  The buffet is pretty small there but the food is good and looks nice.  The crown jewel was Paris.  Brie and bacon shell macaroni? A+! Crepes with any topping you could want... droool.  This place was top notch and SO good. So good we were too stuffed to go out that night haha.  You can buy this pass at the cashier of any of these buffets.  Worth. It.

and its SO cute!

We also went to a gay gogo dance club called Krave which was awesome, great mood, music and because we texted them we got 2$ drinks until 2am... awesome deal! What a night!

On our final day we went to the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor... it was creeepy but very cool! Highly recommend for anyone who can hold their beans.

All in all a great Vegas trip... a tip- play the Deal or No Deal slot machine, easy money  I tell you!

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  1. Never heard of the "Buffet Pass" Hmmm. Must be something rather new. Now I gotta go to Vegas just to try the Paris Buffet. I've been to the retaurnt across from the buffet. It is excellent. Great crepes!


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