Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

My schedule is ca-razy right now.  I student teach from 8:00 to at least 3:10 if not later most days as well as three hour classes twice a week. I also walk two miles to and two miles home everyday.  Its great exercise but I'm basically exhausted out of my mind.  My posts are really all over the place as a result so forgive me...

A couple things I've been doing...



all pictures taken by me around NYC

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Try this out!

This is a fun website and great for good deals- click on the link below and you'll get five free dollars for signing up!


Here's $5 to spend at redtagcrazy.com

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

update and more projects.

I was having issues with formatting on the last post so I'm adding a little bit more... I also have done a little research on my projects and therefor have more to add.

for my black dress I chose a fabric.  Its is a slightly shiny cotton sateen from Mood in the Garment District. I chose the fabric online and will go make a purchase as soon as my patterns get here and I know what I need.

I also bought a crock pot on amazon.com for a great price.  I'm a huge stew/soup lover and you can pack a lot of healthy low fat meals into one of those babies. I actually love the idea of of throwing a bunch of stuff in and coming home to delicious homemade soup after teaching.  Mmmmm soup is one of my favorite parts of cold weather and its about to get REALLY cold.

Rival 5025WG 2-1/2-Quart Crockpot

For my final note- for students you MUST take advantage of this deal-
If you have .edu email address you can get a free amazon prime account (a 79 dollar value) for a year. It means FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING on most things (except most used stuff for the most part and some independent vendor stuff). AND only 3.99 for overnight shipping. I've used it for all my text books, my crock pot, an iron, a shopping cart and it is just great!!

Some Projects

I'm pretty much going to be a huge busy beaver this semester.  I am starting student teaching and will be working with fourth and fifth graders. Yay!

I know that a lot of these projects will be pushed to side most likely from exhaustion and work but hey- I'm about goal setting and seeing as how its the first of the month I will share my goals.  These goals are more like a goals of the semester instead of just September.

First- My creative side has been OBSESSED with vintage fashion right now.  When I was home in July my mom and I sewed a dress from a vintage 60's pattern.  It was fun and I was able to learn a lot from my mom about sewing garments (this was my first one!)  So I found this really lovely shop on ebay that has the most reasonable prices on vintage patterns I've found after scouring the internet.  I bought three patterns and they even reduced the shipping amount so that all three shipped for the price of one! I think they were all about 2.50 a piece and the shipping 1.50. Bargain!! These are the three dresses I'm going to attempt and will share with you the journey-
Dress One-