Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to NYC soon...

So my week-ish vacay in LA is almost over. We went to Santa Monica, Disneyland, California Adventure, San Diego Zoo and had a big Indian feast today. Tomorrow I'm going to the horse races with family and then its back to dingy weather and school.
We ate and ate and ate and had a blast. I was fo sho not on the diet plan or anything this week because I think vacation is sacred. But I have been planning its schedule for my return. I'll post it if anyone is interested.

I will write a better post when I'm back. I have lots to say but I'm tired.

I love you CA.

PS- The road trip is ON. Disneyland%20Castle.jpg

Friday, March 12, 2010

Here is what I did yesterday... (go me)

So I'm finally in sunny LA for break but it wasn't without an adventure.

Yesterday I spend two hours getting to JFK via Subway to avoid the $50 taxi ride.

A crazy lady started smoking pot on an express leg of the trip on the train car. Can you say angry subway riders? Yeah, thats big time taboo people. There was a cop waiting RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR of our car to take her away. Big scene.

I get to the airport and let me just say JFK is big and stupid. I accidentally went to the United 1k, first class check-in cause they are in different areas. The lady was kind (of) enough to let me check in there for my flight to LA via Washington Dulles that was going to land at 1am.

She tells me the leg to Washington is cancelled and I need to go to the regular people counter because she simply cannot help me there.

I go to the counter and talk to Oxana and guess what I did? I Thats right. I was supposed to be at La Guardia which is NOT close and is MUCH closer to my apartment.

Oxana was an Angel and said "We have a flight to LA non-stop that lands at 9:23 and leaves in an hour (instead of the two my other flight left in) would you like to take it?


So basically I got in way early and was able to eat amazing mexican food with my friend Crystal

More to come.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ok world. HERE I COME! Spice up my life.

So here is the dealio folks (or just me I guess). I have become some what of a *ahem* lazy slob. Back in LA when I worked full time for a politician I was always on the go. This resulted in a few things, good and bad: I had a regular schedule and was up early and did things pretty much all day. This often meant a good gym trip before going home and a good nights rest.

Well dears my world has essentially fallen over... or east. I live in NYC now for school and it all happened very fast. I was "let go" (whatEV, I was totally fired because I was white. E-mail me for THAT fun story) from my job and about two weeks later was admitted to Spring semester school. I had about three weeks to pack my stuff, celebrate Christmas in Oregon, return to LA, apply for loans ETC. Somehow I did it. I guess I truly was converted into a worker.

Anyhow... since arriving I only have three classes that happen once a week for two hours. I don't have a job because I collect unemployment and have loan money and a live in a FABULOUS one bedroom apartment which persuades me to never leave WAY too much.

Well I need to get my ass in gear. I have put on some pounds which a really hate... since I started dating my boyfriend he has been egging me on the food train and I need to just stop. I don't fitnesize anymore because I miss 24hr fitness.

I don't necessarily eat greasy icky things but I have become an incessant snacker. Strange for me but I guess here we are. And once it starts... oh boy.

Here is what I resolve to do before the beginning of next Fall (holla summer school)
1. Excercise WAY more. I am hopeful spring starts soon so I can take more advantage of wonderful Central Park, my favorite NYC destination. Also go to the cheesy school gym and use some of the work out DVD's I bought that sit on my shelf. I am interested in trying some of the Netflix stuff too.
2. Cut out red meat. So cliche I know but I need to focus on fruits and veggies right now. We miss each other.
3. Cut out sweets aside from the following forgivable indulgences- sorbet, merengue (sp?), fruit with fat free whipped topping and fat free gummy treats if I really have a craving... I don't really crave candy though. Mostly ice cream.
4. Stop buying so much snack crap for the house and buy more carrots, celery and fruit which means a DREADED trip to Trader Joe's. I hate that its dreaded but the Trader Joe's in Manhattan is RI-DI-CU-LOUS. That line winds all the way around the store. I digress.
5. Get up umm, before noon? So my day isn't rush to finish homework, shower, eat and class. Or my day isn't just totally wasted lazing out. Let's say 10am. Not super early but I'm not a morning person.
6. Pace my homework so I'm not rushing to finish it all and leaving out readings and not putting my all into assignments. Right now I am doing well be I have a LOT of assignments left to turn in and I want to kick IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL BUTT.
7. I want to do my all natural facial remedy again.. if I ever get a good readership I will share it. It is AMAZING. I got it from my BFF who got it from her beautiful ageless g-ma who clipped it out of a newspaper like 40 years ago. Cool.
8. With my school ID I can get into almost every museum in NYC FOR FREE. I haven't been to ONE. I WILL see them all before I leave this place.

I will be accountable to THIS BLOG if nothing else. Lord knows my boyfriend loves his Mcdonalds. itnessModeling1984.jpg

Friday, March 5, 2010


I absolutely am head over heels in love with Glee. I don't think I've been so in love with a little TV show well... may be only ever since Six Feet Under. I have such a lady crush on Rachel. She's a fierce bad ass woman with a voice that KILLS. I will be seeing the cast live at Radio City Music Hall in May and cannn''ttt waaait.

Road Trip Pleassseee

So I've been trying to convince my best girly friends to go on an epic two week road trip with me this summer through the south. I've been want to do this for YEARS. This summer seems right. We're all in the midst of grad school somehow and will soon be career ladies.
Road Trip wishlist:
1- A flowery sundress
2- A polaroid camera
3- Cowboy boots (to be purchased en route)
4- A series of bitchin mixed tapes
5- That all four of us go.

Did I mention the EPIC ending at the Grand Canyon? Oh yeah I spend LOTS a time planning this.

March 23, 2007. / nataliya toumanova

Right ladies?

Joie De Vivre

Part of me loathes how true this is.


I have been dying for Spring to come. The cold wind and surprise snow storms are so last season. I recently went to New Orleans with my boyfriend and fell in love with the city. I can't wait to go back and we are already talking about what we want to do next time. This is exciting because
1- He STRESSES with travel
2- He lost his wallet on the plane and we thought our trip would be ruined
3- My camera broke
4- A wonderful jetBlue man and camera salesman later and we really started our trip
5- It was wonderful and sunny and perfect.
The picture at the top is where we stayed. Classy right?

I love putting my iTunes on shuffle. Its almost like going through a photo album.