Sunday, June 6, 2010


So I've mentioned before that I'm trying really hard to get in shape this summer. So far I lost 3.5lbs. That is not crazy amounts I know but it's something! My goal before I leave for Oregon (july 2nd) is to have lost 10lbs. I'm a little scared to put that out there because if it doesn't happen I will feel like a fool. Anyway... is anyone else in weight loss mode? Are you blogging about it? I would love to read if you are! Also please share any tips!20090216154621

How do you stay on a diet plan? What works the fastest for you? (while still being healthy)

I have more goals for July but I will keep them under wraps until then because they may be adjusted based on what I accomplish this month.

For now, I'm feelin good

I've got a little less than four weeks to go... 7.5 more pounds!!! That is less than 2 lbs a week... I can doooo it!!!

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  1. Hiya, I found you via 20sb. I really like your blog, and am going to send my travel writer friend to have a look, as I think she'll like it.

    Husband and I are doing 'controlled eating' which means not eating to much rubbish and trying to eat more veg than anything else!


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