Friday, May 21, 2010

A few faves and upcoming goodies.

I am so bad at remembering to do this regularly... but I decided I would compile a list of things that I like and recommend. I've tried a lot of different beauty products from everything from acne to perfume. I always like to see what works for other people so I thought I would post mine.
Clinique is always the way to go. I have a motto to never buy drug store foundation... my skin deserves better and cheap stuff just flat out looks worse. I have never been disappointed in clinique but my favorite has to be Even Better (super fit is good too). It really does make your skin look better over time! And clinique always lasts forever. Worth the extra money (and SPF).-
Even Better Makeup SPF15
for face lotion I also go to clinique- I have combination skin that is sensitive and acne prone. Their Dramatically Different face GEL is perfect. My skin is hydrated, glowing and does not get oily or break out. The regular lotion is too heavy for me. A tube of the gel is only like $12. Moisture surge is also good. Again people... invest in your skin, clinique does skin so well.
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel in Tube
For lips, I hate lipstick but still want a little color. Clinique has a great and timeless color that is a hybrid lipstick/gloss... it goes on smooth and looks perfect on literally everyone. Like you've eaten berries... dont be afraid of the name Black Honey... its not dark or heavy. It comes in a tube too but this consistency is so good...
Almost Lipstick
For eyeliner I use Almay intense i-color liner for blue eyes. It has a little bit of sparkle and goes on nicely. The price is also great. I use this product almost everyday as a basic liner and it has lasted me a long time and holds up well. I really like that its not too intense but really compliments my eyes. Smashbox makes a really pretty cream eyeliner is a pretty chestnut brown color that looks sensational with blue eyes.. I don't own it though cause its a little pricey.
For eye shadow I use a variation of cover girl shadows and clinique. I have a smokey eye kit from clinique and I use the Country Woods 4 color kit from Cover Girl for a pretty glowy, natural look. I layer it over my absolute favorite eye shadow Laura Mercier metallic creme eye color in a tube- Platimun color. Its actually a gold toned shadow and it goes on really pretty. I spread it lash to brow and then layer some darker shadow in my crease.... very pretty and great for summer.
For mascara I usually use clinique- any kind you're looking for is good, long pretty lashes is a nice and natural look but my favorite is High Impact in brown black. I like a more natural look so this is great stuff in brown/black. They have a new one called High Lengths that I will probably buy next.
High Impact Mascara
I bought some cheap Rimmel mascara at target the other day and surprisingly I really like it. The brush separates lashes really nicely but I find that it rubs of under my eyes sometimes which I don't like. Make-up needs to stay put. Other wise it looks pretty.
For blush I have two that I like. One is a good cream blush that looks much more natural than a powder and clinique makes a great one. So does Laura Mercier but Clinique is cheaper. I like all the colors but especially the peachy one.
Blushwear Cream Stick
Right now I'm using a powder that has a little shine. Its called hot mama but its a little too pink for me. I can only use a tiny bit. The packaging is darling but for the price I'll buy the clinique next time.
theBalm Hot Mama Shadow & Blush All-in-One
For a bronzer I use and really like Benefit's Hoola powder. Its not orangy or sparkly and it is very subtle. It gives the face just a small hint of color.
One thing I love about Sephora is their brand. I only buy fun stuff from their brand but I love their mini nail polishes. They are cheap and come in fun colors to experiment with. My favorite though is their glow powder in Rose. It comes in other colors but this one offers a really nice subtle glow. I sweep it around my eyes and high on my cheeks. It looks so lovely.
Harmony Trio Bronzer
One great thing I use to highlight the bottom on my eye (lid and tear duct) is benefit's guilded liner. I can't find a picture but its basically just a highlighting stick.

These are the make-up products I use regularly. I have some other stuff that I use for going out but this is my day to day routine. I like a natural glowing look and these products provide me with what I want. Now hit Sephora and explore!

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