Saturday, May 22, 2010

So excited...

My new series of travel blog posts starts tomorrow! Our story comes from an awesome adventurer and a warm place... stay tuned for tomorrow!

In the mean time I went to Boston last week overnight. Here are some do's and don'ts
*spend some time getting to know the transportation system there. Cabs are spendy and things are usually pretty close. Subway it up. Or walk, it's a beautiful city.
*walk the Freedom Trail. You'll probably run into a lot of school kids but everything worth seeing is along the trail. Leave some time for exploring the North End and little Italy. Nice stuff.
*Take a commuter train to Salem and spend the afternoon basking in the history and touristy goodness. A very fun adventure and a short, cheap train ride away.
*Stay slightly outside the city.. its cheaper and there are a lot of ways to get into the city.
*eat some chowda. I had some great clam chowder at Union Oyster House... oldest restaurant in America.
*chat up the locals. They love their city and talk and talk and talk.

*take cabs... geesh.
*act like you're too good to play the tourist. That is what's fun about Boston and there is so much rich history... I got so lost in it all.
*come thinking Bostonians are rude people... they are really nice!

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