Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weight Loss

So last month was not good for weight loss.  I got my cabinets in order and haven't kept crap in the fridge and my eating has been decent.  My issue is getting to the gym. It is so cold and snowy in NYC and its just misery to go outside at night.  I need to do it though. I'm planning some at home work out things that I hope will be easier.  I've also decided to set up a rewards system for myself to motivate me.

5 lbs lost- new nail polish (the good stuff like OPI or Essie)
10lbs lost- new blush (again, something good that I've wanting like MAC or NARS)
15 lbs lost- cute new flats
20 lbs lost- new workout outfit (pants, shoes, bra and top)
25lbs lost- mani/pedi
30lbs lost- new underwear from VS
35lbs lost- a new necklace from ETSY
40 lbs lost- a new bra from VS
45 lbs lost- a new dress (something nice like from anthropology)
50 lbs lost- new JEANS (I used to love buying jeans and have many designer pairs that don't currently fit.  Shopping for a new pair of jeans at a weight that will make it fun again will be so rewarding)
60 lbs lost- bikini! (and possibly a nice weekend trip?)

If I love more than forty pounds I will be BELOW my high school weight. CRAZY!!! I can do this- five pounds at a time.

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