Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Goals Update

So I made the first step towards one of my goals this year.  I started a savings account.  Not only that but I will be auto depositing money into every month meaning a small nest egg will slowly build without me doing a thing!  I feel so good about this.  Once I start making money I will increase it to a larger amount.  Yay for goals!

It's like this but with interest. (A tiny tiny tiny amount of interest).  Knowing I can just go on and transfer money online will be great for me.  I have a bit of a online shopping hobby.  Here is my idea (because little things add up): when I see something online that I think I want (unless its a need thing- like a textbook) I'm going to transfer the money for what it costs into my savings account.  I will leave it in there for a day and come back to it.  That is when I will decide if I really like the item more than I like the new total in my savings account.  Tiny purchases really add up and by doing this they will equal savings not buckets of crap.  I will do the same thing with other frivolous purchases like make-up, clothing etc as much as I can.  My reward for not buying things I want on impulse will be a bigger savings account to use on a car and furnishings for my future post graduation apartment when I move back to Cali.  That is about a year away most likely... so bring on the savings!!!!!

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  1. PS- my current savings account total: $25.00 (you gotta start somewhere!) I will update as appropriate.


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