Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Sanity

So this whole teaching thing is a lot of work.  I love it, but it is so. much. work.  If teacher's did not have the summer off, they would probably lose their minds.  Anyone who says it's easy should try it...

Anyway... I have started a new project... one that I mentioned a while ago.  I bought this fifties dress pattern on ebay.  It is a pretty standard fifties dress with a full skirt.  I have spent MONTHS looking at fabric and going back and forth... flowers? solid? trim? aaah! I seriously have spent hours choosing my fabric and notions and FINALLY decided on what I wanted and got a GREAT deal.  At first I was convinced I would go to the garment district in NYC for everything so that I could see it.  Then I found (and 3,343 other online shops) and couldn't resist their great prices.  After many shops, many fabrics and many ideas I finally put together my choices today.  I spent enough for free shipping and also found a twenty percent off coupon.  I got my thread, notions, fabric, lace and interfacing for 32 dollars!!  I was very pleased as I splurged on the lace.

Scalloped Lace Fabric Black

My plan is going to be a little complicated... but I chose a cream colored taffeta and black lace for the skirt.  I will add velvet ric rac to the bodice and black pom poms to the skirt to add some funk and flavor.  I hope to wear this to the ballet this winter.  Here is a sketch of my thoughts...

don't be too jealous of my paint skillz.

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