Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jergen's Tanning Lotion

I'm going to have to give this one a C- if not a D... maybe it was just me but I had issues with it.  I intended on showing before and after pictures with glowing legs abounding.
I used the lotion for about 4 days and noticed no difference... which is ok cause its supposed to take 7 days.  Initially I liked the stuff because it has a really fine glitter and a nice scent to it.  It doesn't stain your clothes either which is nice.

lotion.jpg image by dmdlnt
As for the firming part... yeah I didn't expect much from it either.

So on to the tanning part... at about five days I noticed I had orangy blotches all over my feet.  Thinking I had just not rubbed it in well on my feet I thought "no big deal"... Then I noticed my lower leg.  It had very large splotchy sections like cow spots on my half and no color at all on the other half... I had been applying this stuff evenly on my leg so this was not cool...

I stopped using it after that.. I don't want orange skin or blotchy skin.

Anyone have anything better for fake bake?

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