Friday, July 9, 2010

Homemade Beauty

Ok so since I've been home and taking a bit of a mental break from school I've looked through a lot of blogs.  I have come to the conclusion that there are some overarching "types" of blogs out there where many people's blogs fit into a certain category.  There is a the simple everyday stuff blog like this one where I post my ramblings, recipes etc. There is the Mormon/I have a side photography business blog (seriously there are TONS of these!) and then there are beauty/shopping blogs (there are many other kinds but there are a lot of these types).
now I 'm not trying to offend anyone with what I'm about to say but I have to say some of these shopping/beauty blogs bother me a little.  Some of these girls are make up artists and have some great tutorials on how to create a certain look... some of them aren't makeup artists but still have great tutorials... I'm all for it.  What bothers me are the girls who frankly seem to have a shopping addiction... and use their blog as an excuse to buy lots and lots of things... like its ok if they post about it.  Now I am not one to judge a girl who loves to shop... I have no problem shopping and have admittedly a lot of clothing.  I only buy things I can afford and things I think I'll really get a lot of use out of.  I'm impulsive sometimes as is anyone but some people are a little well... crazy.  Many of these girls will post about a shopping trip and call it a "haul".. meaning what they bought (ie Banana Republic haul).  Sometimes they buy 2 or 3 things and just want to show them off.. thats cool I totes understand... but sometimes they buy lots and lots of frivolous things, especially makeup (like who needs 10 different shades of blush? I feel extravagant with 2)... I've seen posts where they've purchased 20 or more shades or nail polish in one sitting and the next day they have another haul from another store with 40 different lipsticks.  Its not like once a month of so these girls are going shopping like this... its many times a WEEK.  I honestly think it may be a little shopping addiction, many of the girls never post a review on the product or show how it looks.   I can only imagine the barrels of makeup that sit around...

SO anyway... on to a better note.  I myself have been known to splurge on a few makeup items. If its something expensive I usually test it once at Sephora and let it sit to make sure I really want it.  If I still want it after a couple days I'll get it, within reason of course.  I can honestly say that I use everything I purchase even if its only occasionally for a night out.  I feel no need to buy multiple lipsticks in only slightly different shades.  SO basically I was inspired to look up some at home, natural beauty recipes. Put down the credit card and open the pantry door... sometimes radiant skin is just some apple cider vinegar away.  I have one facial recipe that my best friends Gram has used for decades and I have used several times and know works wonders. I will share that later.  For now I will show you which recipes I would like to try and will be reviewing them on this blog. PLEASE share is you have some at home beauty tricks that you love!!

Bananas (ripe, mashed)–apply directly to skin and remove after 15 minutes. You could also add 1 or 2 TBS of honey to the banana before applying if you like

Homemade Blackhead Remover Treatment

One of these-

LOTS of ideas

I also really enjoyed reading this- (LOVE this site) 

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