Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello Lovelies

I have been home for 6 days now and already feel so renewed.  The air in Oregon is so fresh and amazing and spending time doing what I want is really nice too...  I am going to be at my parents house for another two and a half weeks.  Eating food from the grill, bike riding at sunset and seeing old friends is just what my soul needed.  I love the west coast!!

Here are a few things I am doing while home and will review here:
I bought more fabric to make a dress... I left the other stuff in NYC
I bought a teeth whitening kit- look for before and after pics post in about ten days
I bought some gradual tanning lotion for my ghostly legs... also look out for that

I have a recipe for a at home totally natural facial.  I will start the regimen tomorrow (its a nightly thing) and will post some pictures after a week or so to show you how amazing it is...

That is all for now.

How is your summer shaping up? Any big news?

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