Monday, June 21, 2010

Motivation Monday!

So now that I've given you a great cake recipe... let's talk weight loss!! haha.  I had a long week last week and was really unable to get to the gym as much as I wanted and my dad was in town for a few days which means eating out... BUT I got on the scale this morning and still managed to lose a pound!  Now that isn't my goal... I wanted 2 pounds a week, but considering, I'll take it. Now that I can see that I'm progressing along with my goals I feel more comfortable sharing my weight and where I am at.  When I started the is journey at the beginning of June I was 191lbs (wow...). I've never been even close to this heavy. I have coasted along around 150 for years... Size ten jeans, medium top, every time.  I am desperate to be back at that weight... I have a ways to goooo.  Currently I am at 184.5.  This feels great... I am so close to losing the first ten pounds! My goal by July 22nd is to be in the low 170's.  I will be spending the first part of July at home in OR and as most of my friends will be out of state I plan on BIKING to the gym everyday and really kicking it up a notch.  

I've tried to be one of  those "I don't need a scale to know how much I'm worth" people but in reality, the scale just keeps me honest about my progress.

I CAN'T weight (see what I did there?) to be in the 170's... that just sounds so much better then 180 or certainly 190 something.  My next goal after that will be 150-145 but I am taking each goal ten pounds at a time.  This week I am trying something new... something I have always resisted... I am going to journal my calorie intake and output.  I used this website- to find my resting metabolic rate (how many calories your body burns just from living) and am going to record how much I burn at the gym.  You have to add a few for daily activities such as walking.

I am going to use THIS website to check my calorie count-  Its extra work but that is what is so great about using this month to concentrate just on me... I can do what I need to do for myself... even if my BF was in town I could do this. DO IT FOR YOU!

I need to come up with a 7,000 calorie deficit at the end of the week to lose 2 pounds. It really is all simple math.  I am going to take in 1,200-1,400 calories a day, exercise for 45 minutes on the strider majig a day (probably with one day off) and I should be good.  I'm also going to kick up the weights and toning stuff too. I'll tell ya'll on Monday how it went!!

I'm really excited about this! I've worked my butt off to lose these 6.5 pounds. 180 is SO close now (first goal)!

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