Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who are you anyway?

I want to know! I have a small influx of subscribers and I want to know what you're about. What is your story? We blog because to some extent we like to write about ourselves. I'll start by writing my story and in the comments I want to hear the story of you! Or maybe you can link up to the story of you on your blog. If you decide to do a "Story of Me" post I wouldn't mind you linking my blog in it ;) Everyone has a story.

The Story of Me.

I was born in Arcadia, CA in 1986. My parents brought me home to my older brother (who hated me) and when I was 3 we packed up and moved to Eugene, OR. This is where I grew up and it is where my spirit and part of my soul will always remain. I attended a special immersion school where I was in Spanish for one half of the day and English the second. When we got to middle school and high school my Spanish Immersion friends and I still had special classes no one else could take together that were in Spanish. As a result I am fluent in Spanish and have a loving Familia of friends that have grown up with me and will always be in my life. Oh the stories I could tell. In High School I was involved in Spanish Immersion as well as a special school that was on the campus of my regular high school called International High School and it followed International Baccalaureate curriculum. I will always be grateful that my parents pushed me so hard.

I grew up in the country, outside of Eugene by 15 minutes. My parents are Angelenos and had no farm experience but we did have a horse named Brandy. My brother and I and all our neighborhood friends had a blast digging mud baths and playing capture the flag on my parents 5 acres.

When I left for college I was terrified. With Spanish Immersion I had never had to make new friends really. I mean I did make new friends but I always had my SI buddies around. I left for Chapman University and almost came right back home. I ended up staying in Orange County and am so glad I did. I started as an art major:
But changed to Communications. The above is not my finest example but the only thing I can find a picture of. I was actually a photography person. I loved it but it wasn't my passion. No one thought of me as the artsy type and this made me resent the hipster faux artsy types whose art I really hated (and so did my professors). I had a piece selected to be in a gallery show and then I hung up my art hat.

In the summer of 2007 I did an internship in London through my school. I was coming off the worst semester of my life and thought it would be awful (the sources of my misery were also going). I ended up living with some amazing girls and had the most incredible summer. I learned so much about myself and was completely rejuvenated. I will never forget those girls. They are like sisters now.

When I came back I wanted an internship. I started working for the Democratic Party of Orange County and found a new passion. I met more amazing people and got to see Obama speak 3 times and meet him once (he is INCREDIBLY nice and handsome). This is also where I met my boyfriend but we didn't start dating for a while.

I also went and saw the Spice Girls in Las Vegas. Life changing.

I got this weird idea to join the Peace Corps. I think I did it just to see if I could get in. I did. I was assigned to Ukraine. I was terrified. I spent the summer after graduation working on various campaigns as a campaign manager and then 4 days before I left for Oregon and about 2 weeks before I left for Ukraine my now boyfriend spilled the beans on his feelings for me... and changed everything. I went to Ukraine as planned (after he spent $500 to visit me in Oregon before leaving) and came home 10 days later. I couldn't be gone 2 years. I came back and was hired by a legislator to be his field representative. I went to swanky parties, council meetings and on tours of various businesses. I loved meeting new people but hated a lot of other things about it. Like that his district was in Compton... after a year and some interesting parting words (whole 'nother story) I was accepted into Columbia University's Teacher's College and am currently pursuing a masters. I have never been so passionate and sure that I'm doing what I need to do with my life. I'm in a great relationship and attending a prestigious school for a subject that I am totally in love with. I have big goals in life. I want to write at least one book and be awarded for my teaching. I want to travel the world. I want to open my own bakery/flower shop. I love my life and I've never been afraid to take chances. If I want something I just go out and get it. I never have been one to sit around dreaming of what could be or what I could be doing. Ladies and gents what you wish to do and wish to be is yours for the taking. Nothing is stopping you but you.

That is my story. I hope its not too boring.



  1. Good for you! I did an internship in London also and it was awesome =) And I'm moving to NYC in the fall to pursue my Masters at NYU! I just started following you from 20sb =)

  2. Hehe, if you really want to know about me, you can read my page here: Warning though, it is LONG!!!

    Reading yours now. ^_^

  3. Okay read and LOVED your story! I agree. Sitting and day-dreaming can be fun, if you psychically can't get something right away (like Jen and I want to live aboard a boat, that's our "dream house.) Though anything I want and CAN get or can work towards, I do.


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