Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ugh me...

I've been so bad about my whole kick start your life goals.
So I want to lose a certain amount of pounds by August 1st. Thats not very far away but I've been totally avoiding my blog because I feel accountable to it.

A few good things I have done-
Totally remodeled my apartment for a small price. I'll post pictures soon. I got an amazing couch free on craigslist and my building will be installing new counters soon which is awesome.

Planned my road trip to a T. I have booked almost all of our rooms except the grand canyon and Oklahoma. I will give you a more detailed outline of this epic road trip soon.

ugh... I need motivation. This may come in the form of a scale.

In the meantime spring is HERE. The weather is so nice... enjoy my lovely pictures I took in the city to celebrate the sun:

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