Sunday, April 18, 2010

Come on Girl

OK so here is what is happening on the transform myself front:

I need to improve:
Eating- sometimes. When I eat alone I'm good... when the bf is near... we get fried chicken.
I've decided I'm going to keep a daily food log on here. I will never write it in a journal.


I also bought a scale.... so things are shaping up. Homework has been crazy lately so my schedule is wonky.

I HAVE been doing pretty well at getting up at a reasonable time though which I'm enjoying.

Tomorrow is a bussyyy day and I'm hoping to cap off that good accomplished feeling of a busy day with a work-out. That would be great. Also I need to clean my place but that can wait until Wed. or Thurs. when my projects are all turned in.

Also a new Sunday night tradition will be to weigh myself. I'm not feeling awesome about publishing my weight but I will chronicle pounds lost each week. LETS HOPE FOR BIG NUMBERS. If I could get five pounds that would be great.

for this week pounds lost- 0lbs (starting point).

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