Friday, March 5, 2010

Road Trip Pleassseee

So I've been trying to convince my best girly friends to go on an epic two week road trip with me this summer through the south. I've been want to do this for YEARS. This summer seems right. We're all in the midst of grad school somehow and will soon be career ladies.
Road Trip wishlist:
1- A flowery sundress
2- A polaroid camera
3- Cowboy boots (to be purchased en route)
4- A series of bitchin mixed tapes
5- That all four of us go.

Did I mention the EPIC ending at the Grand Canyon? Oh yeah I spend LOTS a time planning this.

March 23, 2007. / nataliya toumanova

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  1. This is awesome - would love to get all my girls to do this too!!


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