Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Jewels From My Younger Self

I LOVE talking about my childhood and laughing at old stories with my friends. A lot (read almost every single one) of my friends from home have been my friends since first grade (thanks to Spanish Immersion) and we've had some ca-razy times.

Here are some jewels I've been thinking about recently that make me chuckle and smile.

  • I thought watercress was raw potato until college
  • A friend and I once changed her parents TV to "Canadian English" out of curiosity late at night and it broke her TV, we had to call the cable company any everything.
  • My friends and I decided we wanted to remake the Lord of the Rings trilogy in its entirety using a family camera.  We did about 10 minutes of video and never worked on it again. We did however to a fake oscars for that ten minutes and taped that too.
  • When I was very little I was scared of people with really curly hair.
  • Once I decided I wanted to try lying. I told my brother they were releasing a Valentine's edition of Ninja Turtles with hearts on the shell. He did not believe me so I told on him.
  • My best friend was up in the rafters of her garage once looking for old talk boy tapes and as a joke stripped down to her sports bra, undies and toe socks.  As a joke I hid them in her room.  She ended up getting stuck in the rafters and while trying to climb down she got stuck even more with her arms clutching the rafters, one foot on top of a cabinet and the other one dangling above the counter. She started laughing so hard she peed all over the counter and floor... 
  • In fourth grade I asked a red headed boy in my class if he had stuck his head in a fire place... Really I had a big crush on him... he now plays pro soccer in Germany.
  • My best friend was so moved by the movie Titanic that she wrote the word titanic on her ceiling with glow in the dark stars. Years later when she tried to remove them it pulled of the ceiling popcorn, you can still read titanic in her parents house in her room.
  • My brother and I were not allowed to hit so we would wrestle with our legs.
  • My friend and I once put on a concert in our old elementary school playground with recorders. We sang Michael Bolton songs and charged people a penny to come. Our other friend got really into it and was our press person. She developed a flyer and sold tickets. Only three people came.  We still loved it.
  • One time my friend and I were walking around my block and talking about how begging would be an easy way to make money and decided to try it. We smeared our bodies in tar from the newly paved streets (we were like 7) and went back to my house to get some grungy clothes with plans on walking up to the market.  My mother FREAKED out and began rubbing my friend with alcohol because her mom was on the way.
  • I really miss my childhood


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  2. Great post! Awwww I miss my childhood too! The rafters story really made me giggle :) I should do a post like this!!!


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