Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bronx Zoo

Can we talk about how cute this is?
Go here. Seriously. It is only $15. The baby lion cubs are to die for. The main attraction? The gorillas. They have the most insane gorilla exhibit I have ever seen and me and the boyfriend DIED. I took literally almost 300 pictures. What is so great about the sanctuary is that they charge an extra $3 for it but at the end you get to choose a place in Africa or the United States where all $3 will be donated to help gorillas or local people. I chose to have my money donated to local jobs in the Congo. Enjoy a gorilla feast for the eyes-

mama. She puked in her hands and ate it like five times. Gross. We also saw he have sex with papa...
Funniest face ever?
So relaxed...
Fishing for apples... the little girl was precious. She would sit at the edge and then cross her arms and protect herself from the splashes.
Amazing photo courtesy of my boyfriend
Thanks for an awesome day Bronx Zoo


  1. Oh. my. god.

    They are adorable! I mean simply adorable!

    I'm stopping by from 20sb! Nice to meet you! ^_^

  2. I know. I have a mild (extreme) obsession with gorillas.


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